FIMER offers several interfaces and accesories for the data transfer of PVI, UNO, TRIO, ULTRA, CORE and PLUS solar inverters.


Allows active and reactive power control according to EEG-2009§6 and BDEW

  • Offers 4 digital inputs and 2 analog inputs for active and reactive power control
  • Permits the integration with an external acquisition and data control system via two RS485 ports (from Inverter to Modbus)
  • Capable to control up to 32 Inverters or 55 kW modules
  • Power supply transformer provided

PVI-RS485-MODBUS protocol converter

Protocol converter from Aurora proprietary protocol to Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP

  • Up to 32 inverters or 55 kW modules connected
  • Multi-drop bus connection allowed for RTU
  • 50 Hz transformer and cables are provided
  • No active-reactive power control in Modbus RTU

PVI-USB-RS232_485 serial port converter

Allows serial interfacing between photovoltaic inverters and computer via RS485 link

  • Operating systems supported: Win XP, Win 7, and Linux based
  • Works with centralized and string inverters
  • No power supply needed (auto-supplied via USB port)

Compatible software:

  • Communicator – Monitoring of string and centralized inverters
  • Installer - Managing and monitoring of string inverters
  • CVI Central - Managing and monitoring of centralized inverters
  • Stringcomb Installer – Managing and monitoring of string combiner
  • Manager – Configuration and monitoring software